About Aqua Regius

Bottlers GROUP own brand

The best solution when you want good quality at a fair price, without spending time developing your own product.

Aqua Regius ® is a registered trademark of BOTTLERS GROUP and is manufactured both on glass and plastic bottles. Prices depend on which agreements we make with our customers, from the purchase of a single pallet to annual contracts with collision supplies and mix shipment.

The range consists of 3 products as standard, all without noise:

0.50 L Aqua Regius natural mineral water (plastic)
0.35 L Aqua Regius Natural Mineral Water (Glass)
0.70 L Aqua Regius Natural Mineral Water (Glass)

If necessary, the range can also be adapted to include carbonated water.

The bottles are all produced in Denmark and the water is classified as natural mineral water, which is the highest classification for bottled water.