Aqua Regius - GLASS

Production of Aqua Regius on glass bottles

In connection with the production of glass bottles, we have entered into exclusive cooperation with Krusmølle Kilde outside Aabenraa. Under Krusmølle's buildings - in the middle of the unspoilt Southern Jutland nature - one of Denmark's very few naturally-occurring sources is found. Already in the 16th century, the source created a living and prosperity in the area, where the purest mineral water ran from the interior of the earth and superflued both wells and pumps.

A unik, mild taste

The unique soil conditions that created the source under Krusmølle were formed back in the ice age, where the area was seabed. Ever since, a high dragon has pushed the water down to the valley at Krusmølle, and the pure mineral spring water draws a few meters from the source's source. The short distance from bottle to bottle makes Krusmølle's water a unique, mild taste that makes it an excellent supplement to, for example, a good glass of red wine or a good whiskey.