Advice from source to finish product.

In BOTTLERS GROUP, we are engaged in the development, production and distribution of beverage solutions based on our customers' individual wishes and needs. Our dialogue is based on the customer's situation, goals and expectations. We are independent and can therefore provide our customers with the best solutions.

Some customers wants to develop completely individual tastes and concepts, others want to switch labels and order logos for specific activities or purposes, or want to choose a product from the "shelf". Therefore, we have both a basic range of own products under the brand "Aqua Regius", access to standard bottle designs with the option of own label - both on glass and plastic bottles, as well as the opportunity to develop own unique solutions.

In addition, we have built up specialized knowledge on the management of spring water, which has to be moved from source to production unit. It may be from the Arctic, the Nordic region or from sources in Denmark. We quality assure and optimize the process from source to finished product.

At BOTTLERS GROUP we have the Food Authority elite smiley




BOTTLERS can be your sparring partner for a new project or being your supplier,
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